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little beings

Little Beings is a personal art project that centres around the topic of gut feelings. It is a series of characters that tell the stories of our gut feelings that are happening within our subconscious minds. The series is 3D rendered art toy figurines, which depict various gut feelings in different colours and designs suited to the characters. The project challenges the notion that gut feelings are irrational and unreliable. They serve as a reminder that intuition is a powerful tool that should not be dismissed or ignored. Each figurine represents a different gut feeling, Companion, Hero, Gambler, and Caregiver, and tells true stories based on real-life experiences.


This sixth sense of ours can be a valuable tool in certain circumstances. However, this has been dusted under the carpet and have been overlooked as it is not logical and scientifically proven yet. Although gut feelings are not always reliable, most people still make decisions based on their gut feelings to help them navigate complex situations.


The project uses an online platform to serve as a space to tell the stories of each character and display the process of how each character tackles problems.


Overall, the personal art project aims to spark a conversation among Generation Z about the significance of gut feelings. Using art toy figurines and an online platform, the project hopes to inspire individuals to trust their instincts and recognise the power of intuition in their daily lives. Hence, gaining more self-confidence to make better decisions.



A character with a unique talent to sense the chemistry
between individuals. He possesses the power to whisper to the heart that guides them towards their true passion.

Landing (Pre).png
companion crown.png



A character gifted with the power to foresee imminent danger and accidents. With his red flag, he can sense impending harm and alert individuals with his sirens to take precautions. A blow from him can warn of potential hazards and save lives.

About (Pre).png
hero helmet.png



A character gifted with the skill to read an individual’s luck and foresee the stakes involved in a game of odds. With a roll of the dice, he can provide valuable insights into one’s fortunes for the day and offer cautionary advice to avoid losses.

Shop (Pre).png
gambelr suitcase.png
gambler hood.png



A character with the extraordinary ability to foresee an individual’s health issues before they manifest. A slight mistake in his knitting warns the potential ailments and he would provide timely warnings to take preventive measures.

Character (Pre).png
caregiver headphoens.png

Exhibition Design

ADM Grad Show, I designed a space for the public to appreciate the work I have done for each of my characters. A projection of characters was displayed to go through the features and abilities of the gut feelings. Blind Packs were made for the public to attempt and try their luck on which characters they might get. This also depends on their gut feelings to see if they are fated with their preferred character.

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