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I've Got Your Back

Project type

Branding, Publication


April 2022



I've got your back is a visual communication project that raises awareness about spinal care. It can be seen through the advancement of society that people have been mistreating their spines by sitting at desks for long hours. The postures of the many are not the best as there are no campaigns or educational kit that teaches how to care for their backs, personally. Hence, this project aims to educate, spread awareness and result in a healthy caring community.

This project has the deliverables of 3 spinal medication relief kits. They are categorised into 3 different scenarios of life. The active, the office and the sleep edition. Each scenario shows how one can exercise some stretches throughout the day to relieve the pressure on the spine. Mimicking doctor's prescriptions, these are a parody without any drugs. Using stretches and exercises as the medication, it is said to "consume" the stretches displayed on the cards. This provides natural pain relief for back aches. Through the kits, the latch theory of colours and the category of the intensity of exercises are evident. With the help of these kits, the conversation about spinal care would start to rise.

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